The Other Farm : Non-profit association

The association was created on February 18, 2019. Its goal is the following :

« The association has for goal the protection of the environment including that of wild and domestic animals. To do this, it promotes a way of life respectful of the environment and participates in the search of new rural models. It is registered  in a development dynamic and promotion of social and circular economy by creating links and partnerships with those living on the territory where it is set up. It contributes to the battle against exclusions and social inequalities, economic and cutural, to education and citizenship, notedly education of the people, to the preservation and development of a social bond or to the maintenance and reinforcement of territorial cohesion ; It participates in lasting development in economic, social, environmental, and participative dimensions, to energetic transition by promoting good practices in these domains. »

The statutes specify that its usage can in no way be modified and in case of dissolution, the assets will be transferred to an association with an identical aim of protecting animals and the environment.

It is sustained by income the guestrooms and activities that it organizes, donations, and bequests. All revenue is used entirely to provide for the animals’ needs : food, veterinary costs, shelter and fence maintenance… 

It is led by an administrative council made up of activists or sympathizers. A balance of different sensitivities is indispensable to its smooth operation.

We have created a Real Estate Cooperative Society, hereafter referred to as SCCI.

The SCCI allows its citizens or judicial persons to regroup in order to acquire and manage the property and lands long-term. This statute allows to guarantee, as the association does, that the Mill cannot  be an object of real estate speculation and to secure its mission of preserving the environment and refuge for wild and domestic animals in their statutes.

The co-operative members possessing shares in the SCCI are :

  • The three current occupants
  • Anne-Lorraine Vigouroux in her name
  • The association The Other Farm

Other co-operative members desiring to support the project have equally taken social shares. Interests are topped according to social and solidary rules and their redemption is carried out under certain conditions, notedly full and complete adherence to the statutes of the SCCI. If you are interested, you may contact us for further information.