Who are they ?

The donkeys, adopted long ago thanks to a rescue organization, are between 20 and 27 years old !  They are at home here and make the most of their life. Their very presence keeps at wild animals at a distance. Rosalie the hen, who adores “her” donkeys, can walk around as she pleases without risking her life ! At night

Rosalie sleeps in her well-secured hen house…  It will be the same for other small animals that we will welcome beginning in the autumn. Free during the day and secure at night.

In the spring, we welcomed Pompom, a little female rabbit. A victim of “mistreatment by ignorance,” her “owner” loved her very much and did not realize that she could not be happy in those conditions. He accepted to turn her over to us. Barely arrived in the makeshift enclosure we had hastily built, she leaped with joy and demonstrates her friendship every day.  In the autumn, we will welcome other rabbits in enclosures adapted for them and hope that Pompom will give them a big welcome !