The Other Farm : What it is ?

The Other Farm is a sanctuary for animals rescued from industrial breeding farms, which will open in 2020. It will welcome chickens, rabbits, pigs, goats, sheep, and other animals resulting from seizures or abandonment.  We will offer rooms and a vegan table d’hôte, given time to welcome the animals and to prepare rooms of impeccable comfort.

The animals will live in surroundings favorable to their fulfillment for the rest of their lives. They will have free access to the outdoors and fences have been conceived as not to endanger wild animals, very present on the site.The Other Farm will also welcome visitors for a night, a day, an internship, a green pause, or to respond to a need to change habits, especially alimentary ones… It will offer plant-based cuisine workshops, yoga, birdwatching, identifying plants and their usage. One will be able to walk between the fields, observe the animals without disturbing them, take a guided tour to learn more about them, or relax in contemplation in the tree-filled garden.

We will develop collaboration with open-minded and interested neighbors and partners in order to propose a thousand and one ways of joyfully experiencing the transition toward a world respectful of the living, capable of contributing to a new rural model.

The Other Farm is a non-profit association headed by Anne-Lorraine Vigouroux, vegan and activist, contemporary theater producer, and then cultural attachée to Canada and Serbia.  She has been educating herself for several years in different sanctuaries to prepare for a new life with animals to share her convictions.

Follow the birth of The Other Farm by joining us on our networks!  We will regularly give you news about the preparation of the sanctuary and the arrival of our first protégés.