They support the shelter

oaba logo

The OABA is the first association in France to protect farm animals for 60 years, recognized as being of public utility.
The OABA entrusted us with the band of sheep and covers their feeding and veterinary costs. 

l214 logo

L214 provides us with one-off support for emergencies. We organize virtual guided tours of the shelter with L214 Education.

fondation brigitte bardot logo

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation helped us in 2023 with the sterilization and feeding of rabbits. Valuable support… we had to face several thousand euros in costs.

Veepee logo La Saint Valentin des animaux organizes Animal Valentine’s Day every year. It allows us to acquire products for animals from partner shelters and the profits from the sale help us finance care, shelters, etc.

Crédit Mutuel du Sud Ouest supported our educational activities through its Territoires Solidaires program.

Blog of chef Aude Richard. A site for 100% plant-based and tasty recipes. Aude gives occasional workshops at L’Autre Ferme.

L’Autre Ferme is a member of the RNRA, an association which brings together shelters and sanctuaries for farm animals that are signatories to an ethical charter.

Veggie Basque promotes a respectful and joyful lifestyle. Like us !

Mauvais Vegan, clothes made by a committed team. Bad Vegan donated to us.

logo avf

The AVF (Vegetarian Association of France) is working for a dietary transition of all of society towards a more plant-based model.

And thank you to our other partners:

Les Compagnons du Végétal, the SPA-Society for the Protection of Animals, Maxizoo La Couronne …