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Because animal protection is a major social issue, that of nature is a vital priority

Because the management of the association is disinterested and its expenses are controlled

Because there are no subsidies for farm animal sanctuaries. Breeding is massively subsidized, the authorities ask us for seizures and abandonments but we are not entitled to any support.

By being a member of L’Autre Ferme, you protect the sanctuary’s animals on a daily basis. Donations and memberships are 66% deductible from your taxes (France). We explain how to do it at the bottom of this page.

Le bouc du refuge pour animaux l'autre ferme

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You can also sponsor an animal

By committing yourself as a godmother or godfather, you allow us to see further and secure the animals who live at L’Autre Ferme.

Your support will be used for care, food, bowls, water troughs and repair of fences or barriers that these terrible survivors do not fail to damage while playing like crazy!

un des lapins de l'autre ferme, refuge pour animaux en charente

How to benefit from the tax deduction?

don association impot

Whether on Hello Asso or directly from us, you will receive a tax receipt. When filing your tax return on form 2042, you will need to report the amount of your cumulative donations in column 7UF. Keep your receipts carefully. Individuals benefit from a 66% deduction. 

More information  for individuals.

For businesses, it’s here.