Sponsor sanctuary's animals

By committing yourself as a godmother or godfather, you allow us to see further and secure the animals who live at L’Autre Ferme.

Your support will be used for the care, food, bowls, water troughs and repair of fences or barriers that these terrible survivors don’t fail to damage while playing like crazy!

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You can also join the sanctuary

Anne-Lorraine, founder of L'Autre Ferme with Jenny Brown. Jenny is co-founder of Woodstock farm animal sanctuay where Anne-Lorraine was volunteer for years. Jenny is a inspiring mentor's and we owe her a lot !

Join us to change the course of animal protection. The “L’Autre Ferme” association is committed in an altruistic manner, controlling its expenses to maximize the impact of each contribution. Sanctuaries for farm animals receive no public assistance, while breeding benefits from massive support. The authorities count on us to intervene during seizures and abandonments, but our resources are limited.

 Your support for L’Autre Ferme makes all the difference. In addition, benefit from a 66% tax reduction: a donation of €100 amounts to only €34 after deduction (just enter the amount of your contribution in the “Other donations (public utility associations)” section. » when filing your tax return. For our part, we will send you a tax receipt as proof of contribution.)

 Your donation will allow us to meet various needs: animal care, planting projects, equipment, food, awareness-raising actions… Every euro counts, thank you very much!