The Other Farm welcomes authors in writing residency

Whatever the subject, fiction, essay, poetry… L’Autre Ferme is a place conducive to reflection and concentration.

We have a room of more than 30m2, equipped with a large desk, with a view of the meadows.

 In 2022, we welcomed Mathilde Souchaud who received a scholarship from the ALCA for a 2-month residency.

For 2023, L’Autre Ferme is supported by the DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine as part of its regional artist residency scheme.

How to stay in a residence?

Discover all the terms and conditions for staying in a residence

Created on the initiative of L’Autre Ferme, this residence is supported by the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs of New Aquitaine as part of Artist in the territory and by the municipality of Cherves-Châtelars in Charente.


The residency is open to all types of writing, including novels, short stories, poetry, comics, children’s literature. It is accessible to French-speaking authors who have professionally published at least 1 work.

Terms and conditions

The 4-week residency comes with a grant of €2,400 gross in royalties. L’Autre Ferme offers a 32 m2 room equipped with a large desk, a wifi connection, queen sized bed…

The bathroom, kitchen and living room are shared. Note that a large dog and 2 cats live in the common areas. It is requested to respect the vegan ethics of the place during the presence within the farm by not consuming any product of animal origin. We will be happy to advise you on tasty, local and seasonal recipes.

Transport is covered by L’Autre Ferme up to a limit of €200. Meal costs are the responsibility of the person in residence.

A program of public meeting or writing workshop, maximum of 4, will have to be built together. Transport to the meeting places will be covered by L’Autre Ferme.

Motivation letter :

It must specify, on two pages maximum, your interest in

  • the framework of a vegan association for the protection of animals and nature
  • an ultra-rural and isolated environment
  • activities with a rural public, school or not, co-constructed with us.


Curriculum vitae specifying the list of scholarships and public aid already obtained.

Bibliography by year of publication with title and publisher’s name.

Last book published in paper or digital version.

Apart from the call for applications, you can book our residency room under privileged conditions.

  • Participation of 350€/week for the room.
  • Free access to the living room-kitchen to prepare your meals (at your expense).
  • Note that we ask that you scrupulously respect the vegan ethics of the place during your stay.


To benefit from these conditions, you must be a professional and have already professionally published.

Your application will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and you will receive a response within 15 days of receipt of your request. You must contact us and send:

  • A letter explaining your motivations for coming to a place like L’Autre Ferme. This note must mention your commitment to respect the vegan ethics of the place.
  • A note on the topic of your writing assignment
  • Your biography and a copy (pdf or other) of your latest publication.
  • The dates you wish to stay.


Your application will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and you will receive a response within 15 days of receipt of your request.

What the artists thought of their stay

“Between May 2022 and February 2023, I spent eight weeks in residence at the Other Farm, thanks to a literary creation grant from the ALCA. This time of research and creation, devoted to the start of writing a first novel, took place in the best possible conditions. The framework that Anne-Lorraine Vigouroux offers artists is absolutely conducive to the calm, concentration and serenity necessary for the act of creation. In the heart of Charente Limousine, the Other Farm has the specificity of being both a refuge for mistreated or condemned farm animals, and a place of residence for an artist. A large bedroom with a desk, whose window opens onto the countryside, is reserved for people in residence. Thus, each creator has his or her privacy while benefiting from the common areas of the house: the kitchen, the garden, etc. Anne-Lorraine knows how to perfectly welcome artists, with delicacy and warmth. It is precisely the meeting between Anne-Lorraine's two commitments: animal welfare and artistic creation, which make the Other Farm such a unique place, where we feel welcomed with open arms and free to devote time and energy to research. I recommend the experience to any creator looking for a privileged place to deepen their research and above all to give themselves time to explore various facets of their practice, without the obligation to produce. »
Mathilde Souchaud
"I spent two weeks with my colleague and friend Ivan Svaguša at the unique L'Autre Ferme in France. The reason for staying on this farm was an artistic residency for the MB MG project. With this show we learn about the little talked about global problem, which is the meat industry and its huge impact on global pollution, inhumane treatment of animals and lack of food for human needs... Through artistic exploration and work on a new creation, I will try to play the role of pointer to an obscure problem through different mediums. L'Autre Ferme is a place that offers animals a sanctuary and offers them the opportunity to live in a carefree and happy way for the rest of their lives, without being used by humans for illusions of human motivations. It must be said that our hostess and long-time friend Anne-Lorraine Vigouroux is the woman who carries this farm on her back and who is committed to the maximum in this work - the work of saving animals from crazy and I might say sick human intentions and a system called turbo capitalism/blood profiteering - that we all unfortunately live in, and some of us try to resist it. .. We worked on the farm every day for two weeks. Thanks to improvisation, we found the materials that we will use later to work on this joint creation MBM G. We played for the animals, sometimes with great interest, sometimes without any interest, and sometimes in very surreal situations . We come home full and with a ton of new gear. At the same time, the residence of the young Marseille illustrator Fleur Oury, who draws and writes children's books - a kind of contemporary tales. Anne-Lorraine, Fleur, Sviggy and I created from the start a relationship overflowing with humor, trust and respect - we were a community. We have built a positive coexistence, both our mutuality in the house and our coexistence with the animals on the farm. Conversations about art and life lasted late into the night after each work day. There was no shortage of fun or cultural upliftment, good quality food and drinks... thank you for these wonderful moments that we will remember forever"
Nikola Mijatovic

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