The guest house allows you to immerse yourself in the life of the sanctuary. While offering you a few days of break, you allow us to finance the cares for the animals. All the income from your room and table d’hôtes are used entirely for our mission.

The house was a noble fief from the 17th to 19th century. The rounded porch dates from the 17th century and the house has retained its old basket-handle doors as well a magnificent interior staircase.

In our garden, table, deckchairs and hammock invite you to rest or work in peace, observe the animals or the sky. The hammock at the pond is particularly appreciated for a nap.

The cats Titus and Rosalie and the dog Nana live in the house. They are at home.

Your pets-companions are not accepted since our chickens are free roaming. They must be safe all time.

Smocking is prohibited inside the house or near the animals.

L’Autre Ferme is 100% vegan. That means we do not use any products of animal origin. We ask you to respect this ethic inside our place.

Appart to heat a baby bottle, you won’t be able to use our kitchen nor our fridge.

At L’Autre Ferme, the quality of life of our rescued animals is just as important as the warm welcome of our humans guests. You will not be able to enter INSIDE the meadows but you can easily observe them from the fences. Those of them who wish to greet you will come by themselves.