Governance : a non-profit organization

The association was created on February 18, 2019. Its goal is the following :

« The association has for goal the protection of the environment including that of wild and domestic animals. To do this, it promotes a way of life respectful of the environment and participates in the search of new rural models. It is registered in a development dynamic and promotion of social and circular economy by creating links and partnerships with those living on the territory where it is set up. It contributes to the battle against exclusions and social inequalities, economic and cutural, to education and citizenship, notedly education of the people, to the preservation and development of a social bond or to the maintenance and reinforcement of territorial cohesion ; It participates in lasting development in economic, social, environmental, and participative dimensions, to energetic transition by promoting good practices in these domains. »

The statutes specify that its usage can in no way be modified and in case of dissolution, the assets will be transferred to an association with an identical aim of protecting animals and the environment.

It is sustained by income the guestrooms and activities that it organizes, donations, and bequests. All revenue is used entirely to provide for the animals’ needs : food, veterinary costs, shelter and fence maintenance… 

It is led by an administrative council made up of activists or sympathizers. A balance of different sensitivities is indispensable to its smooth operation.

L’Autre Ferme is a membre of  Réseau National des Refuges Animalistes.

The board

It is led by an administrative council made up of activists or sympathizers. A balance of different sensitivities is indispensable to its smooth operation.

Valérie Malet, President of L’Autre Ferme
Valérie is an art bookbinder. Sensitive to the need to review our lifestyles for a fair and benevolent world, she has chaired the association since its creation. Her commitment is all the more remarkable as she is very impressed by the animals. Her regular stays at L’Autre Ferme help her progress!

France Fayet, secretary
France is a long-time animal protection activist and is fully committed to many other associations. She was elected by her commune in the Paris region where she notably worked on animal issues and ecology.

Iris Aktar
Iris graduated from Budapest Veterinary School in Hungary. Very involved in animal protection, she works in a shelter for dogs and cats in Burgundy. She specializes in different practices such as animal osteopathy. She is our referent for care protocols and regularly comes to take over at the sanctuary.

Alain Anglaret
Alain was head of administration and finance of a theater. He is now a contemporary circus artist and vice-president of the House of Poetry in Nantes. He piloted an ecological thought in the life of the theater. He frequently comes to the farm to take care of the day-to-day and share with us his talents as a super handyman.

Pauline Bardin
Pauline is an administrator in the performing arts and scriptwriter of comic strips (Quebec Land, published by Sarbacane and A vos râteaux published by Steinkis). She is interested in ecological issues, aware that change goes through each of us. Pauline takes care in particular of keeping the list of members of the association up to date, renew your memberships!

Edouard Bourré-Guilbert
Edouard works at the Scopeli cooperative store in Nantes. He is also a screenwriter for comic strips (Quebec Land, published by Sarbacane and A vos râteaux published by Steinkis) with Pauline Bardin. He has a passion for reducing and managing waste. It is our exclusive reference for compost.

Note that Pauline and Edouard mentioned L’Autre Ferme in A vos râteaux. We are super proud.

Pauline Chabas
Pauline is an animated film artist, she entered the life of L’Autre Ferme as a volunteer. Conscientious and concerned, she quickly took an important place in the life of the shelter. She is also one of our photographers and videographers! Pauline regularly takes care of the routine of the farm with her companion and their cat Tobi who leaves her countless toys lying around everywhere.

Arthur Higelin
Arthur is a musician, singer, author, actor… He is highly respected for his uniqueness creativity ang great atmosphere. Arthur has supported L’Autre Ferme since its creation, happy that this dream has become a reality. he is more and more openly committed to respecting all life. In addition to a virtuoso clearing of fences, he never misses an opportunity to talk about us. An unfairly overlooked aspect of his talents, he makes one of the best hummus in the world.

Anne-Lorraine Vigouroux
Anne-Lorraine has been a production director in contemporary theatre. Vegetarian then vegan by ethical conviction, activist for animal protection, she participated in the creation of the association while she was cultural attaché in Serbia. She develops a perfectly useless talent: falling and hurting herself with a disconcerting regularity that does not affect her enthusiasm.

Our regulars volunteers

Iris, Alain, Pauline, Claudia, Virginie, Emilie, Alexian, Louis, Stéphanie, Elodie, Chloé, Marion, Elisa…

Civic service for youth

Tiska, volunteer from September to March 23, carried out a very thorough diagnosis of our pond and its ecosystem. It made it possible to take stock of the animal and plant species that inhabit it and to take appropriate protection measures.

Camille took over, from March 23 until September. She focuses on animals and the workshops we offer to people with disabilities.

Our budget

The management of the association is disinterested. Board members are volunteers.

Farm animal shelters receive no subsidies. On the other hand, they are solicited by the authorities for seizures or abandonment of farm animals which are largely subsidized.

A partnership with Veepee has allowed us to build an aviary in 2021 and pipes to have water in the meadows in 2022.

L214 provided us with punctual help for works.

The OABA supports the flock of sheep for food and their veterinary expenses.

Our 3 rooms and the table d’hôtes represent 19% of our receipts. We are developing other projects such as the micro tree-nursery which could become a source of additional income. The potential is great, but we are stuck on one thing: we now need to be able to hire someone, even part-time, to develop the projects. Without impinging on the quality of animal care, that goes without saying!