Because animal protection is a major social issue, that of nature a vital priority

Because the management of the association is disinterested and its expenses controlled

Because there are no subsidies for farm animal shelters when breeding is massively subsidized, the authorities ask us for seizures and abandonment but we are not entitled to anything.

You can make a difference by supporting L’Autre Ferme now and benefit from a 66% tax deduction in France: a donation of €100 costs you €34 after reduction.

You can choose to:

  • support our global action: your donation will be used as needed: animals, plantations, awareness-raising actions etc… 
  • speciafically support animals: survivors of unscrupulous farms, their needs are big. 
  • develop the presence of artists: we need more vegan thinking in mainstream culture. To receive professional authors, we must offer a writing grant. Become a partner of this residence! You will thus be able to benefit from privileged moments on the farm. Contact us to talk about it.