Pompom is the very firt residente of L’Autre Ferme.
She was entrusted to us by a very old and sick man who had her as a “pet rabbit”. She lived in a hutch in the dark. This man, a former agricultural worker, lived in a hovel rented by his former bosses. He couldn’t realize that life in a hutch wasn’t life. He was really happy to know that she had now a large garden to enjoy her life.

In november 2021, 6 other rabbits joined us. 
Dwarfed to become living toys in cage, most of them end up abandoned. Nobody should live alone locked up in a cage. Think of it before cracking on their adorable faces. It is a long and strong commitment. And if you feel ready, adopt at least 2 of them, sterilized of course. 

Gaston was found in Feb 2023, tied to a container by one leg. Mademoiselle Jeanne, familiar with humans, was found lost and scared in a village.  A few days after she has arrived, she gave birth to 9 adorables bunnies… 

Fantine, Léon, Lupo, Petit Ours Blanc, Petit Ours Brun Lapin-Lapin, Gaston,
Mademoiselle Jeanne and her 9 kids!

Petit Ours Blanc
Petit Ours Brun
Mademoiselle Jeanne
Mademoiselle Jeanne babies, when they were 1 week old