The first inhabitants of the farm are wild animals and insects!

A guarantee that our environment is not too polluted, swallows nest in the old bakery, skylarks,
hoopoes, redstarts and tits enchant our working days and occupy the south wall of the house. It is transformed into a gigantic nest in spring. Furious little yellow beaks come out from all the gaps to tell parents that the food is not arriving quickly enough.
This fairly grouped location, the wall is large, makes it easier for us to locate when leaving the nest inconsiderately. We search the tall grass in search of the little ones to put them in boxes high up, time to regain their senses and leave only when they are ready to stand on their own two feet…


Speaking of which, tall grass is amazing. It’s full of hiding places for frogs and dandelions for bees. Not to mention the
time saved by not mowing.


The pond is home to fish, frogs and countless birds come to drink there.

We also see the traces left by the wild boars, who occasionally break down some fences. The foxes come to test the
solidity of our aviaries (cross your fingers and stick, you have no idea the price of the mesh!). We had the joy of a doe and her fawn who spent a few weeks sheltered by the brambles near the pond… Immediately declared a prohibited area so as not to disturb the young mother.


We are planting hundreds of trees to replenish the hedges and groves destroyed to accommodate ever-larger agricultural machinery.


The property is prohibited for hunting. You guessed it, didn’t you?


Héron - Refuge animalier L'autre Ferme

Heron at the pond, the enemy of fish

gites a la ferme

Hare who taunts Titus

Mésange - Refuge animaux l'autre ferme

Baby Chickadee who missed his first flight

Libellule - Refuge animalier l'autre ferme


ferme gite

Prince Charming in disguise

Gite à la ferme Charente

Lizard, lives in the wall of the house

Hirondelle - location gîte à la ferme avec animaux

Barn swallow in distress, urgently accompanied to the rescue center.

gite a la ferme

Breeding pheasant. Appeared in hunting season, lost and barely flying. We did our best to convince him to stay here…

gites ferme

Very friendly celestial blue azure