Refuge animalier L'autre Ferme

The shelter chickens

In August 2020, we welcomed 8 hens.

Coming from “organic” breeding, they lived in a building with a mini concrete courtyard outside… They arrived featherless, anemic and only knew how to eat flour… It was necessary to crush the seeds, puree the vegetables and give time to discover real life: scratch the earth, take dust baths, bask your feathers in the sun…

Worn out by daily laying eggs, they are usually slaughtered around 18 months of age. The only way to save their lives is to place hormonal implants to stop ovulation. What our vet had to learn to do…

Think about it if you buy eggs, even organic ones. The pretty photo on the box is marketing. Not life.

Others have joined us, life goes by quickly for chickens. Despite our efforts, they rarely live more than 5 or 6 years.

Phoenix the roaster


Pose d'un implant hormonal sur une poule - Refuge L'autre Ferme

Placement of a hormonal implant


Dian (comme Fossey)

Refuge L'autre Ferme

Violet when she moults


animaux refuge

Lupine the Sheep, Dian, Jenny, Louise, Jane, Joaquin and Phoenix

Refuge L'autre Ferme

Chanel, Koko, Stella and Blanche