Chickens and roosters

Thelma and Luis, in white, accompanied by Shaun

Les moutmouts du refuge

The first sheep to arrive were 31 small Ouessants, all males, entrusted by the OABA, the Organization for Assistance to Slaughterhouse Animals, following a seizure for mistreatment.

After the years of abuse they suffered, they were suspicious but we gained their trust with patience and a lot of gentleness. 

This fall, 3 sheep arrived from an illegal farm. Very suspicious, we are always working to gain their trust. They are now coming to eat out of our hands. Thelma is the most reckless. They will be shorn in the spring and Luis and Shaun will be neutered. Due to the presence of Thelma, we cannot mix them with the Ouessant herd. She would be constantly bothered… 

Refuge animalier l'autre ferme
Dean Arsène and his friend Lupine

The feeding and veterinary costs of the Ouessant sheep herd are covered by the OABA as part of its formidable Herd of Happiness. 

L’Autre Ferme is responsible for pampering them on a daily basis: treating the ailments from the many fights they have the secret of, giving food and drink, cleaning a soft straw carpet to keep them clean and warm, repairing the fences, untangle the horns when they get too tangled, mow, enrich their meadow with things to climb… 

In short, the good life with darling sheep!

Refuge L'autre Ferme
Ali and Baba

Why did they arrive at the L’Autre Ferme shelter?

They were seized at the request of the authorities. On the farm where they were born, they were locked in the dark, in unsanitary conditions. The ground littered with rotting corpses.

While they were afraid of the sheepfold when they first arrived, they now enter it without fear. They know what is good for them and are no longer afraid of anything. This trust warms our hearts and facilitates handling for annual mowing and deworming. 

The most fragile leave the herd for our garden, closer to the house. They are thus under the constant surveillance of our team and the great Baba who navigates between the garden and the herd according to his mood. He knows very well how to show us what he wants. 

Thelma, Luis and Shaun were wandering in a town in the department. We were asked by the authorities to recover them. They are clearly traumatized by humans and it took us even longer to gain some trust. 

They discover the different meadows to get used to the place. We offer them grain by hand every day so that they realize that they are in no danger. We progress at their pace. The goal is to be able to handle them gently for clipping and castration (under anesthesia of course) of Luis and Shau. 

L'autre Ferme Refuge
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