The first inhabitants of L’Autre Ferme are wild animals and insects!

Proof that our environment is healthy and unpolluted, swallows have nested in the old bread oven building; skylarks, redstarts and chickadees enchant our days, and owls our nights. The natural pond is full of life with egrets, fish and frogs – which sometimes venture towards the house… We are in awe of the variety of inhabitants our fields host: butterflies, dragonflies, hedgehogs and many more. A lot of them are endangered species. 

The south wall of the house turns into a gigantic nest during the spring. Furious little yellows beaks come out of all interstices of the wall yelling at their parents that the pittance is not coming fast enough. 

In our pastures, we find from time to time the traces of the wild boars, which occasionaly break down some fences. Foxes are coming to try the solidity of our aviaries (cross fingers and support us by membership, you have no idea of the price of fence!)

We had the joy of a doe and her fawn who spent a few weeks sheltered from the brambles near the pond. It was immediatly declared a prohibited aera to give them some privacy. 

Every year, we are planting hundreds of trees to rebuild the hedges and bushes that industrial farming has detroyed to allow large machinery to spread their chimical and pesticides. 

The whole property is forbidden to hunting, but you guessed it, didn’t you? 

Young chickadee that has failed is first flight.
The real Prince Charming
Lizar, Jurassic Park in France
Barn swallow in distress, rushed to the wild rescue center.
Breading pheasant, lost alone in the wild. He appears during hunting season
Friendly Blue Azure Butterfly
One of the hundreds different beetles
Green Lizard, Jurassic Park II