Chickens & rooters

The goats of the shelter

Bibouc was found in an accident on a road, with a loose paw. His identification (an earring) has been removed. We can therefore deduce that Bibouc was abandoned and that his identification was deliberately removed before leaving him to his own devices…

Bibouc had surgery for a nasty fracture, probably a collision with a car, and he has a pin in his leg for life. That doesn’t stop him from enjoying life with us and learning at remarkable speed all kinds of nonsense that the goat family has the secret of.

Stylo arrived at the same time as Bibouc. His human companion had to part with him, with a heavy heart, but an unavoidable life change prevented him from continuing to offer him a good life. 

Very traumatized by this change upon his arrival, Stylo quickly regained courage by becoming very friendly with Bibouc. They are now inseparable, never far from each other.
And we finally welcome the goat family, emblem of L’Autre Ferme.

les boucs du refuge

Bibouc & Stylo

Le bouc du refuge pour animaux l'autre ferme

Stylo and its smile

Bibouc's hugs